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Bergvall, Postecoglou, and the Spurs strategy

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Bergvall, Postecoglou, and the Spurs strategy

Insight into the Swedish talent and Tottenham's recruitment model.

Tottenham Hotspur swooped in out of nowhere to pick up Lucas Bergvall right from under Barcelona’s noses — but who is he, and why does it matter?

Stevie and Llew sat down to talk about the permutations of the deadline day transfer that will go through in the summer. They rattle through everything, from the details of Bergvall as an emerging talent to the broader model in place at Spurs, and why it’s been supercharged by Ange Postecoglu.

If you want the complete lowdown on Bergvall, read our definitive profile.

On the agenda…

  • Who is Lucas Bergvall — and why is he very good?

  • Assessing where he fits in the short, mid and long-term

  • Did Ange Postecoglou play a role in sawying the decision?

  • Insight into Spurs’ broader recruitment model, and why it works

  • The importance of top-to-bottom alignment in clubs

  • All of that in a neat, little 26-minutes episode…

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