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Talking Transfers: It's extremely busy...

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Talking Transfers: It's extremely busy...

Insight into the interesting U-23 moves in the January transfer window.

Not! But that’s the point…

This January transfer window has been a very quiet one. You may think that means there’s no transfers to talk about, but Talking Transfers will always find a way.

Firstly, Stevie and Llew discussed why it’s been so quiet – looking at Premier League clubs maxing out their credit in the summer, and how that has a knock-on effect in Europe – then they rattled through the interesting moves that have happened since the last episode over the past fortnight.

What we talked about…

  • Why everything is extremely quiet (on the face of it)

  • Adam Wharton to Palace and the Premier League?

  • Sit up and take notice: Sturm Graz signed a striker!

  • How Gift Orban signal a shift in OL’s approach

  • Matija Popović on the move — but not to Milan

  • A niche Iceland-Sweden move, and much more…

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