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Tomo Curren - Editor-in-Chief / Tom founded Scouted in 2014. He helps Scouted’s long-form writers find their stories and bridge the gap between analysis and narrative.

Stephen Ganavas - Content Editor / Stephen is an experienced writer, journalist and scout, and a long-suffering Juventus fan. He was a key force behind the Handbooks between 2016-2021.

Llew Davies - Social Editor / Llew is a writer, analyst and scout with a history of spotting top talent. He is also Scouted’s in-house graphic designer.

Phil Costa - Senior Journalist / Phil is a Senior Commercial Editor at OneFootball. He’s always searching for Scouted’s next scoop.

Joe Donnohue - Senior Journalist / Joe is a journalist with the Yorkshire Evening Post, covering Leeds United. He’s also the voice of Scouted’s podcast.

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